AE-32 Audio Engine v3.x Hardware Manual

AE-32 Audio Engine v3.x Hardware Manual

The AE-32 Audio Engine manual is below.

Other important manuals to refer to with this equipment:
AE Config v3.6
Supervisor v3.6
Command Builder v3.6
vTools v3.6
These manuals are in the AE-32 v3.6 Software Manual article.

The version 3.6 Audio Engine was the last version in the AE-32 series.
Older AE-32 version 2 engines are not compatible with v3.6.
v3.6 Audio Engines can be identified in the following ways:
- Any AE-32 Audio Engine with an AE-C6 control card with RJ-45 jacks is v3.6
- An AE-32 Audio Engine with an AE-C2 control card where the label on the socketed ROM chip has a v3.x version number. Version 2 engines had just a date on this label and no version number.
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