Bright-VU Meter Manual

Bright-VU Meter Manual

This is the manual for the first digital meter we made, the Bright-VU.
The same manual applies to all forms of the meter, whether desktop or rackmount.

Older Bright-VU models had an external power supply with a DIN connector.  We don't make this power supply anymore; if we made a one-off power supply you'd probably pay more for it than you spent buying an old Bright-VU on Ebay. So here's what you need:

24 volts DC, 30 watts

Pin 1 is minus
Pin 2 is ground
Pin 3 is plus

The original power supply was a transformer and rectifier that put out between 24 and 30 volts, and voltage regulators inside the meter smoothed everything out. A modern 24 volt, 20 watt DC power supply will work just fine.

Below you will find all of the manuals and drawings that we have on the meter.

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