Dante Virtual Soundcard/Dante Controller Latency Issues with Dell PCs

Dante Virtual Soundcard/Dante Controller Latency Issues with Dell PCs

A customer reports:
"We’ve been experiencing an issue with the machine that the Ovation audio sequencer runs on. Basically, we’ve been seeing Dante controller reporting large latency hits as seen by Logitek. Initially it was only Logitek, but that’s because it was the only destination for audio from the DVS on the Ovation machine. Also, ONLY the DVS was flagged as having large latency on the Logitek and the other destinations. Also, Ovation crashes occasionally. 


We added a Dante Dongle as a second destination, and that also saw the latency hits, so that rules out Logitek. Also, the Dante controller logs indicate that the DVS on the Ovation computer shows Clock Sync unlocked / locked. Something interesting about that is that while it doesn’t happen every ½ hour, it does seem to follow a pattern of ½ hours since Ovation was started. For example, I started Ovation at 17:17 last night. There were clock sync events at 17:47, 18:17, 18:47, 19:47, 21:17, etc. DVS has been uninstalled and re-installed. No timing issues anywhere else. Network connection has been tested, and no packet loss, etc. If I run DVS in WDM mode, no latency or clock sync events. Of course, Ovation wants ASIO, so not an option."

Reported solution:

Uninstall "Dell Support" applications from the PC. After doing this, the customer reported that the PC and all applications running on it are stable.
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