How To Set Up HP ProCurve 2920 for Logitek AoIP

How To Set Up HP ProCurve 2920 for Logitek AoIP


It is critical that you enable IGMP Snooping and the IGMP Querier on your Ethernet switch for audio networking. These switch features properly manage the multicast audio packets that flow between devices. Without these features being turned on you will experience clicks, pops, and audio interruptions.

You should perform these steps during setup before you connect your JetStreams. If JetStreams are connected while IGMP features are being turned on, networked audio can be interrupted for several minutes while the switch begins to organize traffic. If you do this before you plug the JetStreams into the switch, networking will begin to work right away.

What You Need

  1. A computer with a serial port or a serial to USB adaptor.
  2. A terminal program. Windows XP machines have HyperTerminal installed. If you have Windows 7 or above you will need to provide your own terminal program. We suggest PuTTY ( which is reliable and free. Mac and Linux users have similar terminal program options.
  3. The RJ-45 to DB-9 console cable that came with your switch.

Connect To The Switch

Plug the RJ-45 end of the console cable into the Console port on the switch and the DB-9 end into your serial port. Set your terminal program to 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, no flow control. Click Connect in your terminal program to open the serial connection to the switch. Hit Enter twice. You should be at a CLI (Command Line Interface) prompt.

Set The IP Address For The Switch

In order for the querier to properly function, the switch needs an IP address. From a manager prompt, type setup and hit enter. This will bring up the setup screen.

Tab to the IP Config (DHCP/Bootp) field and use the space bar to select Manual.
Tab to the IP address field Enter the IP address that you wish to apply to the switch.
Tab to the Subnet Mask field and enter a valid subnet mask.
Press Enter, then S for Save.
You must have a valid IP address assigned for the IGMP querier to function properly!

Set the IGMP Querier

Now that the switch has an address, we can turn on Snooping and the Querier.
There are two modes for the switch, Manager and Operator. As the names imply, the manager has more rights than the operator.
When you are Operator, your prompt will look like this: ProCurve>_

When you are Manager your prompt will look like this: ProCurve#_
You will want to be Manager for these steps.
To switch from Operator to Manager, type enable and hit enter.

The default VLAN for this switch is 1. If using a different VLAN number in your installation, adjust accordingly.

From the manager prompt, type:
vlan 1 ip igmp
Then, type this command from the manager prompt:
vlan 1 ip igmp querier

The first command turns on IGMP Snooping. The second command turns on the querier.
Remember, these features are disabled by default, so you must enable them!

Save Your Work

You must save these changes so they are restored the next time the switch is powered up. From a CLI prompt, type write memory and hit enter.

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