How To Set Up Merging Technologies Ovation with JetNet WDM Driver/JetStream Plus

How To Set Up Merging Technologies Ovation with JetNet WDM Driver/JetStream Plus

For customers using the NETB audio networking card in their JetStream Mini/JetStream Plus

Follow these steps to use ASIO4all to let the PC see our WDM driver as an ASIO device:

  1. Install the JetNet driver on the Ovation computer and set up the stream in JetNet Control. Ensure that the JetStream sees the new source and that you're getting the sync pulse (see JetNet Install document for info on driver installation.)
  2. Install ASIO4All on the Ovation computer.
  3. Go into the VS3 control panel (in the Merging Technologies folder on the start menu) and set Ovation to use ASIO4ALL as the sound card. Save.
  4. Launch Ovation. This will open ASIO4ALL in the system tray. Click on the icon.
  5. In ASIO4ALL, choose the JetNet driver as the device to be used. Click the wrench in the bottom right corner to open advanced settings. Make sure that the output of the JetNet driver is enabled (blue arrow on) and the output of the JetNet driver is not enabled (no blue arrow).
  6. In ASIO4ALL, slide the buffer all the way to the right (2048 samples). Keep the rest of the defaults.
  7. Close ASIO4ALL
  8. Close Ovation
  9. Reboot
  10. When you come back up, you should get audio out of Ovation. If you have a green icon in the system tray for ASIO4ALL but no audio, in Ovation click View Mixer, select the router in the mixer, and make sure that the crosspoints for left and right of ASIO4ALL are selected for outputs 1 and 2.
  11. If you need to adjust the playback level of Ovation, do it in Ovation's mixer.

For customers using the NET-67 card in the JetStream Plus:

Use the Dante Virtual Soundcard instead of JetNet, which supports ASIO out of the box.

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