JetStream Mini & JetStream Plus Audio I/O

JetStream Mini & JetStream Plus Audio I/O

The DB-25 connector is wired the same on the AE-32 IO8D digital card as on the DB-25 for all audio inputs and outputs on the JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus.

So we use the punch block designed for the IO8D on these JSM/JSP cards.

The pairs on the block labeled as inputs terminate on the DB-25 marked In.
The pairs on the block labeled as outputs terminate on the DB-25 marked Out.

Since each DB-25 on the JetStream is either input or output, you should just think of these as the first pair of 8 and the second pair of 8 and wire according to what you've plugged the DB-25 into. (In other words, you might plug the DB-25 marked Input into an output card, which means those pairs are now outputs. Adjust the labels accordingly.)

The easiest way to keep yourself from getting totally confused is label the DB connectors by the slot letter/number in the engine they're connected to and then follow from there.

PRO TIP: On the JetStream Mini, looking at the back of the unit, I/O slot A is on the far right and I/O slot H is the second slot from the left end (the DSP card slot to the left of H is the last slot in the frame.

On the JetStream Plus, the first 2 DB-25 connectors on the left are considered slot 0 (this is the GPI/O card). So the third slot in the frame is slot 1, the last I/O slot on the right next to the DSP card is slot 15. Analog cards take up 2 slots, but the card itself only plugs into the second slot. Suppose you have an analog card in slots 1 and 2. When you program the engine, the 8 pairs on slot 1 are channels 1-8 of slot 2 and the 8 pairs of slot 2 are channels 9-16 of slot 2. 
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