JetStream Plus Manual

JetStream Plus Manual

The Logitek JetStream Plus Manual is attached below.

Other useful manuals in this section for your product are:
  1. JetSet Manual
  2. vTools Version 5 Manual
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    • JetStream Mini Manual

      The JetStream Mini Quick Start Guide and JetStream Mini manuals are attached below. Other useful manuals in this section are: JetSet Manual vTools Version 5 Manual
    • JetStream (Plus & Mini) Version 5 Software Manuals

      JetSet is the web-based configuration system for the JetStream. This manual also incorporates the JetStream Server program. Command Builder is the scripting language for macros. vTools are virtual tools such as vMix+.
    • mixIT Console for JetStream manual

      Click here to read the mixIT Console for JetStream Manual.
    • Artisan TV Console Manual

      This is the manual for the Artisan TV console. The Artisan connects to either the AE-32 Audio Engine or JetStream Plus. Audio inputs and outputs are wired to those devices.
    • How To Connect Sony ELC to a JetStream Plus

      1. Choose a TCP/IP port that ELC and Logitek will communicate on. Set the JetStream Plus PC to a static address in the ELC subnet. 2. Disable the Windows Firewall or create rules within the Windows firewall to allow this port to be open. 3. Go to ...