Recommended Ethernet Switches for AoIP

Recommended Ethernet Switches for AoIP

Generally speaking, any Gigabit switch will work for Dante, and any Gigabit switch that supports IGMP Snooping and an IGMP Querier will work for multicast (AES-67).

We have begun to recommend the Cisco SG350 series of switches. They're managed switches that tick two key boxes for use with Dante and AES-67
  • They have a built in DHCP server. Dante is easier to configure and maintain under DHCP, so having a switch that includes a DHCP server makes for simple installation and management.
  • They support IGMP Snooping and have an IGMP Querier built in.
Note that by default, Ethernet switches come with IGMP features turned off, so if your audio network will have multicast AES-67 audio, make sure you turn these features on when you install your system.

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