Using the Livewire+ AoIP driver with the JET67 and NET67

Using the Livewire+ AoIP driver with the JET67 and NET67

Follow this guide to configure the Livewire+ AES-67 driver for use with the Logitek JET67 Audio Engine.
  1. Open Livewire driver GUI. In the Sources list check the Enable box, enter the stream name, Livewire channel number and packet mode. Press the Apply button to make the entry valid. The Jet67 works with either Standard Stereo (5 mS/packet) or AES67 (1 mS/packet) mode. Note that most PCs can only output a few AES67 streams before having dropouts. The channel number can be entered as an IP address. The address will get converted to a Livewire channel number when the Apply button is pressed.
  2. Set the sync source to PTP Slave and the PTP domain to 0. The DSCP setting does not matter but the default value works well. If the sync mode is changed the PC should be rebooted.
  3. If sync is being received the Sync Packets received reading on the Statistics page will increase by around 5 counts per second.
  4. If the Jitter reading on the Statistics page is constantly more that 25000 streams may be subject to dropouts. Jitter can be quite high during the first few minutes after a startup. Press the reset jitter button to get a current reading.
  5. The Clock master line gives the IP address of the current PTP master clock.

This process will place the streams on your network. In order to route the sources to the console, you will need to manually create entries in the config file for each network stream. Refer to this article for more information: 
How To Manually Add AoIP Streams To The JET67 and NET67
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